Queens, we often hear men call us stuck-up when they can’t get what they want. Yes, it’s true that you are not as easy of a target as the other women that they have become adapted to running into. There’s nothing wrong with being stuck-up if it means standing firm on what you will and will not tolerate from a man. There are so many queens who get caught up on the term, “stuck-up” from a guy and they immediately feel persuaded to prove to him that they are anything except that.

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, especially if “proving yourself,” means lowering your standards so that someone can feel that you are now qualified to be approached. You were qualified to be approached before he chose to speak, yet he found out you were different from the rest and sought to degrade you by calling you stuck-up.

Figuratively speaking, you should be stuck-up if it means not getting hurt by a man who is not ready to love you the way you deserve to be loved. Most men love a challenge. When you have worked hard for something then you appreciate it more once you have obtained it. Metaphorically speaking, if a person goes to a job all week and never has to work but still gets paid, chances are they will not have any respect for that job. If a man can easily get what he wants from you without putting in much work then he will not have any respect for you.

Yes, he will love the excitement and good times with you but eventually he will get bored and move on to someone that makes him earn their love and time. “Stuck-up” is the term used to call women who are not easy targets. Men honestly have high respect for women who have standards regardless of what is said to make you believe otherwise. The only reason you deal with men falling back from you is because they know at the moment they are not ready to handle a serious woman. They know that they have to have their ducks in order first before they can pursue something with you, so therefore they simply fall back or at least try to get you to fall back off of your standards.

Your standards or being “stuck-up” is what will keep you from a lot of wasted time and heartaches. Queens, you must remain confident enough in yourself to hold fast to what you believe, regardless if it seems like all the females you see with no standards appear to be getting the most attention. The attention that most men give those other women is just temporary because they know that they can play around with them until them are truly ready to settle down with someone like you.

So if you are not looking to be somebody’s pastime, then continue to be stuck-up as they call you, and hold fast to your standards until the right man comes along who is ready for what you have to offer.

(FEATURED IMAGE: Lovely and Brown)