Melvin Styles shares the keys to the stylistic dream.

Fashion expert and celebrity styling trailblazer, Melvin Styles is truly living his best life in Los Angeles, working with some of our favorite people in the entertainment industry.

As a Philly native with a natural-born eye for fashion and style, it did not take him long to find his passion and purpose and then grind his way to the top!

“I was always a stylish kid. When my sister and I were young, I used to take her Barbies, ditch the clothes they had, and use tissues from the tissue box to make dresses! When ripped jeans and ‘coochie-cutters’ came out, I was the boy in the neighborhood making everyone’s shorts.”

As a high school student, Melvin obtained a minimum-wage job, which he worked in order to fund his high end, designer fashion cravings. His weekends consisted of shipping, adding new signature pieces to his growing wardrobe, and then showing off his looks on one of the most popular, artistic, and eclectic strips in Philadelphia – South Street. He went on to further feed his passions by getting a job in retail at Macy’s, before being recruited by Saks Fifth Avenue to work in styling and sales. From there. Melvin relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where he worked mostly with styling local bands.


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