SZA’s debut album Ctrl seems to be nothing short of amazing, as she is not afraid to be edgy or just tell it like it is. The album is dedicated to those horrible relationships or “situationships” and how to just let it go to regain your happiness. Let’s be honest SZA is definitely a spirit animal for many, so as she dropped the video for “Supermodel”, she made sure to empower once again using her video to really get the message across.

The video started in the most magical way possible, with fairy dust, which is apart of many children’s childhood, hence the theme of the video. Later, you will realize the actually meaning behind it. The entire video shows her progression, what having validation from someone you like means and how to be genuinely happy with yourself. When SZA is finally shown she is in younger clothes in a child’s room speaking into the mirror, you can see a guy behind her laughing. She then transforms into a very sexy black ensemble and follows a group of children out of the tent. The children are representative of her innocence and confidence.

SZA refers to the guy laughing as “temporary love” because he did not believe in her no matter how much she matured or what she looked like. He does not love her unconditionally. Her fairy dust then becomes her strength as she and the children throw firecrackers at his feet, which in turn is the “confrontation”.

Check out this amazing video and the Crtl album now!