Former Love and Hip Hop New York starlet, Tahiry Jose, is now pursuing new and ambitious endeavors on her own. In an intimate conversation with the New York native and television personality, we discovered a plethora of things to expect from Tahiry this year. One of which includes a new nail spa called 718 Hoboken located in New Jersey. Her biggest and most anticipated project includes a set of pilots she is producing for major TV networks. In our conversation with Tahiry we got to know a little more about the life of a female boss and what’s new in her love life.

What do you find is your biggest hurdle as a female boss?

Being taken seriously because I have a fat ass.  To a lot of guys in the industry, I’m dope enough for you to take me out, but when it comes to an opportunity for me to work, and my name gets thrown out there as a possible candidate. All of a sudden, they don’t want to take me seriously. Being a woman and boss is hard. It’s a lot of long nights and time away from family and friends. I sacrifice my personal life, and both my love life and my personal life suffers because of it…My career is more important than my love life right now.

Do you think you’ll be content with being single?

You know, because of my schedule I have become OK with the inconsistently consistent man. That guy whose schedule is just as busy as mine, and you meet for like three days, and then you don’t see each other again for like a week because your schedules conflict. So, I was cuddling with this guy for like five days to the point where it scared me. I had gotten to a point in my life where I was broken, and I didn’t feel like I could love again. But, cuddling with this guy kind of scared me because I was able to experience what it’s like to be treated good by a good man. So, I don’t think I’ll be single for the rest of my life.

Where does your passion for pursuing film come from?

Well, I’m one of those people that is still trying to figure out what my passion is, and what I’m good at. So instead of being frustrated, I’m always on a quest for what’s next and what is going to fill me.

I know you have some major projects you are working on. What can we expect?

I’m starring in a new drama series with Jim Jones called The Line Up directed by Anky Cyriaque. The series is about various women who use their street smarts, charm, and sexual energy to dominate men. Every pretty face has a back story, and in The Line Up the audience will see what happens when the tables are turned, and women have the upper hand. The love of money is the root of all evil. I’m also starring in a new show called Date.Love.Repeat., created & Executive Produced by Lynne McDaniel, and written & Directed by Tony Clomax. It’s about a successful millennial who uses her relationship advice vlog to recover from a bad breakup, and is forced back into the dating world by her friends. I’m also opening up an intimate, luxurious nail salon called 718 Hoboken, which is located along the Hudson River in New Jersey. I’m really excited about everything that I am working on. So stay tuned, there’s definitely more coming from Tahiry.

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