Tami and Selima are the the co-founders of wellness brand called Iwilla Remedy that aims to replace commerical medicine with more a more natural and plant-based remedies. Well, not only are they business bosses but they’re also relationship goals! Tune into our exclusive interview with the two creators as they discuss business as a couple and their passion and power of herbal medicine.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

We have a compassionate and creative four-year-old son name, Niles. Selima gets inspired by all things spiritual and mystical and Tami loves to dive into a good problem to uncover the best solution. Together, we love to travel internationally to experience new cultures, foods, and traditions. We also both love to read, garden and we absolutely adore the adventure of parenting. 

What made you two decide to go into business together as a couple?

We are one of those couples that do everything together. In the 11 years that we have been together, we can literally count how many nights we have spent apart, it is so few. We are best friends and true life partners who support one another and are committed to growing together. 


While we didn’t deliberately set out to go into business, we both had separate side projects that we were building prior to Iwilla Remedy. We appreciated the input, the ideas, and even the push-back that the other person infused into our respective hustles. It was through these early projects that we realized how compatible we were in business and we saw the other person’s skills and perspective as valuable to what we desired to create. 

No one builds anything alone. When Iwilla Remedy became the idea that we decided to run with, it was only natural for us to do it together because we had already demonstrated that we were a strong team in life, love, and in business.


What inspired the creation of Iwilla Remedy?

Iwilla Remedy began humbly as an experiment to kick all the commercial medicines we had to the curb and replace them with natural, time-tested plant-based remedies.

We were frustrated by the medical care we were receiving at the time for what seemed like simple, common issues: adult acne, chronic pain, PMS, and fibroids. However, after years of doctor’s appointment, we were given prescription medications that not only didn’t work but made us feel worse. 

Tami was the one who recognized the cycle that we were in with our doctors and she realized that we weren’t being given solutions, we were being given bandaids. When the OBGYN told her that the only thing they could do about the uterine fibroids was to remove her uterus, she had had enough. 

Tami declared that she was going to improve her health on her own, naturally. After some months of Tami researching and experimenting with essential oils and seeing improvement, I (Selima) jumped on board. Once we had successfully replaced all the medication, body care and even cleaning products in our home with herbal remedies and natural solutions that worked, we knew we were onto something amazing. That’s when I said we should start a business and Iwilla Remedy was born.

Tell us about all you offer and the services you provide.

We recently retired our body care line to focus on herbal medicine for common health issues, teaching, and spiritual healing. In 2018, we launched our Herbal Medicine for the Soul Mentorship program. In 6 months, students learn how to make the breakthroughs in their health that they crave using plants and our signature emotional alchemy process, the CALYPSO Healing Method. We deeply believe that in order to turn your health issues into non-issues you have to restore balance to the physical body and address the root cause of all physical pain, which is negative emotion. Whether it’s anger, criticism, anxiety, doubt, grief or fear when we don’t address our feelings and lighten our emotional loads, we don’t heal. Inside Herbal Medicine for the Soul, students get a full health and spiritual toolbox that allows them to align with wellness from the inside out.

Why are you all so passionate about your commitment to healing?

We are insanely passionate about healing because living joyful lives is everyone’s birthright. We weren’t created to hurt or live sick. Pain, illness, and disease are the biggest robbers of our time, money, happiness, energy, worthiness and motivation. When we don’t feel our best, we don’t do our best and can’t become our best. Getting out of pain is the first step to living a joyful life and fulfilling the divine assignment you were meant to do while here.

What do you believe people should know about the power of herbal medicine?

That it works. Herbs are incredibly powerful at addressing all of our concerns in mind, body, and spirit. Plant medicine opens you up to yourself and gently guides you back to your center. Plant work helps you remember the joyful person you were when you were born. Healing isn’t just about making the body feel better. That is the easy part. True healing puts you back into alignment with your soul, and plants can help you do that. 

What can we expect to see from you two and Iwilla Remedy in the future?

There is a lot on the horizon including the release of several new herbal medicine products for everyday health complaints. Additionally, we will continue to expand Herbal Medicine for the Soul Mentorship, so that it includes more materia medica, medicine-making labs, and CALYPSO Healing Method private coaching. To learn more about Herbal Medicine for the Soul Mentorship, register for an upcoming Free Herbal Medicine Masterclass at

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