Famed celebrity hairstylist, Tym Wallace has done the hair of countless stars, from Remy Ma, Zendaya and Brandy to, more recently, Tiffany Haddish, Mary J. Blige, and Taraji P. Henson. And while we may not get the personal #TossedbyTym treatment, Wallace shared with us some of his best-kept tips for achieving healthy hair, the perfect slick-back pony, and his must-have products. 

On Achieving the Perfect Slick-Back Bun or Ponytail

“My trick for really, really sleek hair is blowing [it] into the direction that you want the hair. If you want it to be pulled up, you need to blow dry that hair in that direction. If you want it to be sleeked down, you need to be blow drying it into that direction. For those that don’t mind the heat, I press it in that same direction as well…I use products that are not greasy, that would cause the hair to revert. I also do something …its really just forming the hair with pomade and hairspray, and then smoothing it with the blow dryer so it actually is kind of molded into the direction. That way the hair—not only is super sleek but is also is not moving—it’s not going anywhere.”

The Secret to Maintaining Healthy Hair under Wigs, Weaves & Braids

“Keeping a hydrated scalp—the scalp is most important, that’s where the hair is growing from out of. So you need to make sure your scalp is cleansed properly, its hydrated—and hydration does not mean putting oil or grease (laughs) on your scalp—that’s how you’re gonna clog your pores… Also, keeping your hair moisturized, wrapping it up, alternating between silk, satin, or cotton scarves because if your hair builds product heavy then you need to have cotton because the cotton will absorb the oil, and if its dry, you would want to use satin or silk because it’ll help retain moisture”

The Products to Use When Wearing Braids or Weaves

“So you want to—I like to go in—not every shampoo, but every other maybe, and use a little of Seabreeze or antiseptic that will kind of, remove product build up. Um, tea tree oilspeppermint oil is also really good for doing that. You know, you can oil your scalp, but use it of course, with essential oils like jojoba, coconut oil, castor oil, these things are great with the nutrients, but it’s also not heavy to where its gonna build up on the scalp and your scalp can’t breathe.”

The Importance of Having a Professional Hair-Care Routine

“Keeping your ends trimmed, of course, is very important, every six to eight weeks. And going to a professional that knows how to maintain your real hair, that won’t compromise the integrity of your real hair.”

Tym’s Three Must-Have Beauty Products

“A leave-in conditioner, edge control, and brushable hairspray.”



All photos courtesy of Tym Wallace

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