Way to stick it to em, Tarte!

Pride Month will be here in less than a week and while you’ll be seeing a lot of rainbow flags across the nation, Tarte is here to let you know they’re 100% supporting the LGBTQ+ community! The beauty brand has just dropped a rainbow collection and donated $25,000 to the Trevor Project (a crisis intervention organization for the community).

So as The Ultimate Beauty Guide, let us talk about Tarte’s ‘Let It Rain-bow Eye Set’!

The exciting new collection was created in collaborated with blogger, Jessie Paege. The eyeshadow palette includes eight shades that are all in the colors of the rainbow.

The eye set ranges for $24 and it includes This Is It (a bright red), Go For It (a vibrant yellow), All In (a true orange), Hustle (blue), You Can (A light blue), Happening (a blue shimmer), Ambitious (a breathtaking pink), and Risktaker (a shimmery purple). It also includes a mini, Lights Camera Lashes Mascara, a fan-favorite.

In a statement, Paege said, “There have been so many times in my life where I didn’t feel included, which is why my goal has always been for every person to feel loved & comfortable with their identities (including myself!).”

The set is now available on Sephora’s official website and on their shelves.



Featured Image obtained on Tarte Cosmetics’ official website