Miss Divine Lady, Tashesha S. Ricketts-Kidd is a woman that wears many hats. She’s a wife, mother, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Ricketts-Kidd has made it her mission to inspire, educate, and empower young women to their fullest potential. As the CEO and Founder of Daughters of Divine Academy, Inc. (D3) she has committed herself to coach and provide services/events to empower women. Ricketts-Kidd spoke exclusively with SHEEN to discuss all she stands for and her passion to give back to young queens.

How did the idea D3 Academy come about?

The idea of D3 Academy came about when I was college prep adviser at a high school. I noticed that before the young girls could even conceive the notion of getting to college, they had many social barriers that prevented them to get to that place mentally and socially. While getting my Masters, I wanted to study how to empower at risk adolescent girls, I was one myself. I did research and I utilized the information I gathered to develop Daughters of Divine Destiny.

When you envisioned this organization, what did you see?

When I envisioned it, I saw young girls who have potential but maybe never had the support system, someone cheering them on, or a positive mentor in their life that modeled that image of professional, personal, and educational success. That is what I wanted D3 Academy to provide for these ladies, an empowerment program that made them believe they could achieve greatness.

It is obvious that D3 Academy has progressed tremendously over the years, how do you keep the success of the organization going as generations change over time?

I would say that I’ve been able to keep it successful by the support of The Board of Education. It is so refreshing and wonderful that they see the need to have the program. Their moral and financial support has been tremendous! Also, the support of my friends who are also business professionals and women who see the need and believe in the mission. They volunteer their time, resources, and education to the program which has added to the sustainability of the program. I also stand as a supervisor to interns. They come in with new, refreshing ideas that keep us current, I’m able to relate to what they’re going through.

Can you tell us about the programming events and how they mold young queens?

One of the programs we have, is our biggest program right now. It is an after school program where we provide empowerment based workshops to these young ladies. They range from self-love, self-care, healthy relationships to professional development. We teach them how to compose a resume, conduct themselves in an interview, and we even take them on college tours. The college panel allows college students to come back and answer questions these young women may have. We have also have an event coming up, Fearless Vision Board Experience where we bring in not only young girls in D3 Academy but also women in the community to come in and complete their vision board and so they are able to realize their dreams are obtainable. We have speakers that come in to inspire, educate, and empower these women and the girls in D3 Academy, it’s also a fundraiser for the D3 Academy program as well.

You’re also a transformational speaker on top of everything you’ve got on your plate, what is the main message you want others to gain from your speaking?

My main message that I would like to leave with others is that your past does not dictate your future. A lot of things you feel like were designed to kill you actually were designed to build your muscle, your character. It was designed because it was part of your destiny. The whole point is to not let the things you feel may stop you, stop you. God’s whole design is to get through something and have the power over things. I believe in empowering because you have the power in you to overcome things and go back and help others. I believe that’s my life mission. I come from a low social economic background, a single parent, I overcame various trauma, in the midst of me going through it, I had to build up the courage to understand that I would not let it overpower me. When I was able to get through it, I went back to help a young woman get through it, which is where D3 Academy is birthed from.

The Fearless Vision Board Experience III Event will take place December 15th, 2017 from 7PM to 10:30PM EST in West Haven, Connecticut

“The program serves a dual purpose ; not only is it a fundraiser for the non-profit organization but it also empowers women. Data shows that most women’s experiences occur when we’re children affect our womanhood. D3 Academy is a preventable measure to help young girls who have overcome or face various trauma. This event serves to educate, inspire, and empower the woman now who may have gone through it as a child because they are destined for greatness.”
– Tashesha Ricketts-Kidd

For more information on the Fearless Vision Board Experience III Event and to register, click here!

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Featured Image provided by Tashesha Ricketts-Kidd