Lately, I’ve noticed, particularly on social media, a growth in women empowering other women, and it’s amazing to be part of such a movement of women encouraging other women’s success.

It reminds me of my relationship with my childhood best friend of 15 years. She and I have been two peas in a pod since the sixth-grade when, according to her, I rolled my eyes and proceeded to “get smart” with her.

Since then, we’ve have been each other’s support systems for our achievements when life’s challenges seemed insurmountable and, quite frankly, I’d give my last breath for her without a second thought.

Because I have been one-half of such a dynamic duo for so long, I know how the genuine support of another woman can transform negatives into positives and how a little wine and laughter can make any day feel we’re on the set of Sex in the City.

If you’re in a great relationship with your best friend, here are four tips that are sure to help you sustain a great friendship over the years.

Keep it 100

My bestie Tieara and I tell each other the truth whether it hurts or not. We are not each other’s “Yes Men” and we let each other know when each one of us needs to be checked for bad behavior. It’s the reason our friendship has lasted this long.

If you’re surrounded by women who are too scared to be honest with you, there can be no growth in the relationship.

Make Time, You’re Really Not that Busy

I’ve seen a lot of social media memes proclaiming that even though friends never see each other in months and/or years, the relationship never takes a hit. I believe that’s false.

Just like everything else in life needs nourishment and care consistently for growth, so does your friendships. As life takes people in different directions, it’s even more necessary to make time with your friend because as time progresses, let’s face it, you could end up growing apart, feeling disconnected and/or resentment.

Be the Backbone

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost fallen apart emotionally only to have my BFF right behind me ready to catch me at a moment’s notice and vice versa.

No matter the situation, whether good or bad, friend should be there to support, encourage and believe in one another.

Laugh, Laugh & Laugh Some More

Laughter is certainly a large part of my relationship with my friend. She and I are both jokesters at heart and it keeps us feeling young and refreshed. No one wants to be around a ‘Debbie the Downer’ so make sure never to take yourself too seriously and poke fun at life with one another.

My best friend and I photo by Paris Terrell

My best friend and I photo by Paris Terrell