The costume designer and culture catalyst enlightens us on what it takes to be a costume designer.

Ayanna J. Kimani has redefined what it means to tell stories through wardrobe. Her effortless styling in the first three seasons of Insecure are part of what made the show undeniably memorable on screen and through social media, where fans conveyed their appreciation for the character’s wardrobes. Likewise, her work on Jay-Z’s “Family Feud” video was as timeless as it was inspirational. She personifies the essence of blackness with her designs and uses her platform to spotlight upcoming brands created by people of color. This is why we’re excited to see the magic she’ll bring to the cast of Queen Sugar. as the lead costume designer for the show’s fourth season. It’s designers like Ayanna who alter the way we digest film, along with the way in which we interact and align with the characters on screen.

What surprised you most about the shift from styling to costume design?

The amount of thought and collaboration which goes into creating one scene, let alone a show. There are all these different departments that have to work together. I found myself wanting to do it as much as humanly possible.


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