The brilliant content creator of GotDamnZo shows us how to become a comedic artist.

Okay, time for some real talk… you might think you’re funny, and yeah, you have your moments, but are you actually funny? Probs not. Just being honest!

To consistently remain funny is truly an art form, and there are those out there, the comedian types, who are living proof that comedy falls just as much under the artistry category as say a painter or piano player. To constantly create hilarious laugh out loud content, as difficult as it sounds, this is exactly where I am Zoie or GotDamnZo is capable of. With over five million followers on the Gram and 1.75 million subscribers on YouTube, you know I am Zoie’s the real deal, a true genius of an artist. Read on to find out how he keeps us loling.

How was it getting into the whole vine craze and receiving so much popularity?

Well, I really didn’t’ know anything about Vine, until; my cousin introduced me to the app. I didn’t jump right into making videos. I first observed other content creators to get a feel of the app and what was funny. After that, I slowly started making videos. I found myself creating at least six videos a day, trying to get viral video and before you know it, it happened and hasn’t stopped since.

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Featured Image obtained on the official Instagram of Zoie