When was the last time you received a massage? Has it been so long that you do not even remember? Or do you go so often that you not only know your therapist’s name, but where they went for vacation, and how many children they have? How about in-between, do you go to whomever you can when you can, which leaves you satisfied at some moments and dissatisfied at others? Should we go when we want to, when we can afford it, or when we have time? Or should we make time, put it in our budget, and schedule it?

All of our lives look different, especially in regards to income, which is why there are so many price levels for massage therapists out there. You can get a membership discount at a chain massage place, like Massage Envy, or you can look out for the discounts on resources like Groupon or Living Social.

The important factor is to allow the art of touch to relieve your stress, so you can continue to live your best and most purposeful life. Not all stress is bad stress. Some stress is needed to help you stay balanced, by teaching you how to handle stressful situations when they arise. However, stress should not be on overload in that you are not able to function properly or complete your daily tasks effectively.

So schedule that massage! Make a budget for it. Do whatever it is you need to do to make it happen – even if you feel you only have enough time for a chair massage, before exiting Whole Foods on grocery day.

When you start going regularly, you will begin to see which style of massage you like over the other. Do you know a friend who is a massage therapist or someone who is training to be one? Have them practice on you and give them a tip for their services, even though the massage is free. They might share those anecdotal and intimate details with you about the type of clients they have massaged – like which male gets visibly turned on by the art of touch, which female smiles the widest, or about that time someone “let it rip” in the middle of the massage. As long as no one is attacking or stalking anyone, and names aren’t mentioned, I think the stories are quite amusing and harmless.

At the end of the day, laughter heals the soul, but the art of touch heals the body. The touch is so deep that it has the potential to drive out the toxins in your body, and after a massage, always be sure to cleanse with lots of water. I believe happy people live the longest. Higher stress levels take away from the happiness.


This feature was submitted by Anisa Palmer


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Anisa Palmer is an award-winning nonprofit leader, speaker, consultant, Forbes contributor. Born and raised on St. Croix, Virgin Islands, she is the founder and executive director of the 501(c)(3) I Will Survive, Inc. (IWS). Since 2010, I Will Survive has served the metro area of Atlanta with a mission to provide economic support, prevention education, and health & wellness services to those affected by breast cancer. She left the military, as a combat veteran, to fight health disparities in underserved communities, in honor of her late mother, who lost the fight to breast cancer.


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