Ruby Bhogal – a finalist in this year’s Great British Bake Off, helped to launch a new Sk:n clinic from the UK’s top skin care specialists. Founded in 1990, Sk:n is a leader in everything related to skin care. The grand opening of the Ealing, Broadway location is the 14th clinic out of 51.

Beauty is big business and the clinic keeps clients all over the world happy with aesthetic treatments,  including anti-wrinkle injectables, skin peels, laser hair removal and the favorite amongst celebrities—the HydraFacial. As a knockout beauty herself, Ruby Bhogal is a 29-year-old project manager in the London Underground. She is the youngest of four children, who developed a love for baking. She says her style of baking is relaxed and she likes to add alcohol to her creations from time to time.

Ruby was the perfect choice to help with the launch for the new Sk:n clinic on November 24th. Her smile matches the enthusiastic spirit that the clinic conveys to all of their clients. With services that span from laser hair removal as well as tattoo removal, Sk:n is huge on following strict treatment protocols and adhering to medical standards that are carefully overseen by a dedicated and highly reputable Medical Standards Committee. With so many great services, the clinic also caters to every skin type, race, and nationality. From light tones to deep tones, London’s population of black people represents about 40% and it is growing from year to year. Sk:n clinics are offering treatments to a wide range of demographics as they realize that skin care is something that everyone is concerned about. They do a great job keeping up with the latest innovations and techniques that will meet the needs of all skin types and tones.

With over two-million clients that have been treated by Sk:n clinics and with more than 23,000 treatments done each month—the clinic obviously provides top of the line services along with stellar customer service. Operations Director, Jacqui Webber expressed her enthusiasm by sharing these words about their top-notch services. “We are very excited to have opened our newest Sk:n clinic in Ealing Broadway, our 14th branch in London. This was the perfect location and addition to our expanding network, and we can’t wait to offer a wide selection of clinically-proven, specialist treatments to the people of Ealing.”

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Featured Image Courtesy of Tessa Harrison/co Sk:n Clinic