If you already didn’t know, today is Christmas Eve! Which means in one “sleep”  and Christmas will officially be here. Let that panic settle in for all the procrastinators. The mall is packed with worried and frantic last-minute shoppers, the roadways are as crazy as can be and you don’t have gifts for those you’ll see on Christmas morning! What in the world do you do? Here are some of the best last-minute gift ideas to help your holiday hustle:

Gift Cards 

I know, I know. You’re thinking that gift cards aren’t personal and seem lackluster but here’s the trick… Make sure you’ve selected a gift card you know the person will enjoy. For instance, if you know the person is moving soon or enjoys nice home decor, try a HomeGoods gift card.


Groupon is a great way to satisfy any last minute needs, wants or wishes. With a large variety of options including Things to Do, Restaurants, Beauty & Spas, Goods, Travel, Gift Shop, Health & Fitness, Automotive and much more. It’s at the tip of your fingers and allows you to customize your gift based on the person you are shopping for.


Concert or game tickets are great to get at the last minute because of their accessibility. So go ahead and get those Bryan McKnight tickets for your friend has been hinting at them for months. See if there’s a deal on Groupon while you’re at it! But having the option of printing your ticket is great, just add a cute bow to dress it up.

Remember, the holiday season is about spending time with the ones you love, to avoid these struggles next year try organizing a gift list months ahead of time or put a gift limit on your festivities!

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