Why must every business owner practice proper business etiquette?

Every business owner needs to practice proper business etiquette, as it allows everyone that works for the company to be treated with respect. I always say

 “When you know better, you do better”… When businesses practice proper etiquette the employee will demonstrate that to their customers which will allow the business to have great customer service and satisfaction. “Etiquette in business” is a set of rules in which a company conduct its business. Therefore, when you as a business owner treat your employee’s with respect and show your employees that you appreciate their hard work, the employee will put their best foot forward, which only will make your company look good.”

What are the proper business dinner table manners?

Business dinner table manners are very important, Some employers will invite you to dinner, just so that they are able to see how you interact in a social setting, outside of the office. I would advise everyone to take a class in proper table manners,  just to make sure that you do not embarrass yourself during a professional business meeting that includes dinner.

How did you become the when of southern etiquette?

Born in Lafayette, Louisiana in the south, I was taught as a child how to have good manners. As an adult, I strived to help young ladies and young men achieve success through etiquette. Creating a debutante, beautillion and etiquette program which trains young ladies on “How to be a proper young lady” as well as a young men’s program. Training well over 100 consultants around the world, author of 10 etiquette and self-esteem books for your ladies. I have been featured in several local and national magazines as well as newspapers such as “County Living” Houstonia Magazine” just to name a few. Featured on Fox 26, Channel 13 and other news stations. Yes, reality docu-series as well. Receiving numerous awards, recently awarded “The Etiquette Coach” of the year from The Black and Natural Pageant,  I am also a white house award-winning organization.

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All images by Emanual Caddie & Chika E.