The online movement re-imagining the word “colored” and what it means to be beautiful.

The bright red letters of the woman’s white t-shirt comes into focus. “Brown girls are dope,” it says. And within moments, I find myself slightly mesmerized by the camera flashes, jump cuts, and intentional cinematography, but it’s the beauty of color, which most impacts me.

I scroll upwards on the website and read.

“She is not unshakeable but she is resilient. She is not omnipotent, but she is strong. She is not perfect, but she is beautiful. She deserves to be accepted and celebrated just as much as anyone else.”

This is the heart behind the campaign video entitled, “Rebirth” – a message of acceptance, which is greatly needed in today’s digital/online age. “Rebirth” is but one of close to a dozen campaigns, which have been fashioned and curated by the creative company, The Colored Girl, an online movement/brand dedicated to,”…uniting, uplifting, and empowering women across the globe, by connecting them both online and in real life.”

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