Nikki Payne, nicknamed, The Comeback Queen lost her two children, husband, and mother within a four-year span. Through the events that turned her life upside down, she was able to find herself. She’s now an inspirational speaker and author, she is sharing her story to help others deal with the challenges they come across in life. Payne spoke exclusively with SHEEN to discuss how she was able to find the light through the darkest stage of her life.

How do you maintain your smile through everything that you have been through?

When my children passed two things immediately happened to me… 1. My heart stopped beating the same and 2. I lost my smile.  That lasted 8 years.  So the smile that you see today is one that I had to fight to gain back and I maintain it by knowing that it is not only a tribute to my children, but also a symbol of hope to the many men and women that have experienced tragedies in their lives.

Can you tell us more about the Take A Stand/Stop the Hurt Walk and how our readers can get involved if they are not able to attend the walk?

2017 marks the 10th year since the murders of my children and this walk was created in their memory to raise awareness and to show that as a community we are against ALL forms of Domestic Violence while also raising money for the House Of Hope Children’s Shelter to help homeless women and children transition into new homes.

We have invited local business’, public officials, local organizations, community leaders and media and we would love for everyone to be apart of the event but if that is not possible readers can still be apart by donating at  There is no amount too big or small.   Together we can make a difference.

What would you say inspires you now?

I am inspired by the daily emails, direct messages, comments under my social media posts and even the people that approach me in person.  Their words of encouragement motivates me to continue sharing my testimony with the world.

How did you get into inspirational speaking?

It was totally by accident and was definitely not planned.  I was a vendor at a college event that happened to be on Domestic Violence and each of the presenters and panelist talked about physical abuse but none spoke of other forms.  During the Q&A portion I stood and posed a question that none of them clearly answered so I answered the question out loud myself.  That was my introduction to the speaking world.

What is your goal when you do speak to others?

My goal is different depending on the situation, but most of the time it is to show people that things happen in our lives that we may not be able to control and those things often set us back… sometimes for years, but those things can be overcome and happiness can be found again.  It may not be the same happiness that you had before, but a new happiness and there is nothing wrong with that.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the future?

My goal for the future is to form a non profit organization that pays a daycare or utility bill for 1-2 families per week that are in financial need.  That’s 52-104 families per year that will helped in my children’s memory.

My second goal is to to make the “Take A Stand, Stop The Hurt Walk” an annual event so that we can help end homeless in every city in the United States.   That would be outstanding.

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