Maya Smith is an International Master of Natural Curls and the founder of The Doux, a haircare line that is every naturalista’s dream come true. The brand, specially created for naturally curly hair has completely changed the hair game so you know Sheen had to get the scoop on Maya Smith and what inspired her to create The Doux! Smith gives us insight on the ingredients used in the highly favorited products and even offers tips to our readers who may not be comfortable rocking their natural ‘do!

Can you tell our readers about yourself? How did you get into the beauty/hair world?

I became a licensed cosmetologist while still in high school. I also had the good fortune to work with some of the most talented professionals in the industry from a young age. As a result, I progressed as a stylist and opened my first salon in 2008 in Germany, specializing in textured hair. The challenges of both finding products to use in my salon and being able to offer my clients products that they could use between salon visits led me to develop, The Doux.

You are the founder of The Doux hair care line, how did the idea come about?

When I opened my salon, The HoneyComb, I served a multi-cultural clientele with a variety of unique needs. Some were naturally curly, others had straighter, wavier hair, but they all had one thing in common: they wanted versatility, curl definition, and frizz control, whether they were styling their hair curly or straight. I found myself bouncing between product lines in two categories: straight/relaxed, and kinky/curly. There didn’t seem to be one brand that supported my philosophy: Natural is about freedom. From curly to straight, then back again from one day to the next without chemicals. I wanted to create a range that anyone could use, and that was focused on performance and results.  The result was The DOUX.

When you initially envisioned the brand, what did you see? Do you feel as if you have accomplished that?

I’ve always felt that there was an element of expertise missing from the textured hair industry. I wanted to bring a more professional approach to the world of texture hair, both through with my salon experience, and by the way people felt about their hair when they encountered my products. I know that women with texture are very diverse, and it’s been important to me to represent the girl whose looking for simplicity, common sense, and on-point performance.

I would say we’ve met this goal and are committed to keeping it a priority.

The ingredients used in the line play a big role in the success of the products, do you mind telling us about the difference in the ingredients used in The Doux products and other haircare lines?

I’ve been a natural hair stylist for decades, so it’s been easy to connect with the needs and challenges of my consumer on the daily basis.  Our products are formulated according to salon performance standards. I wanted to make sure The Doux represented the same quality and results I’m accustomed to as a professional. Authenticity and integrity is a big deal for us. What we use in the salon is the same product you’ll find available online and in select Target stores.

 Do you have a favorite product from the line? Do you mind telling us about it?

It’s almost like asking someone which one of your kids do you like best! If I had to choose, it would be two products Mousse Def & Bonita Afro Balm. My stylists (and my family) use it every day. They both are the easiest product to use, and either one works on both straight and curly styles.

What are some tips you could share with our readers who aren’t as confident to rock their natural hair?

Again, my philosophy is that “Natural is about freedom.” You don’t have to change the presentation of your hair to change how you care for it. Go for styles and products that are transparent and simple; Most importantly, do your very best to find a qualified licensed stylist that can guide you. Experienced stylists have a strong foundation when it comes to what is good for all types of hair. Take the time to consult with your stylists about what is best for YOUR hair.

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