Adina Howard is setting the tempo for a vivacious new beginning.

The year was 1998, Urban fashion was about bright, bold colors. The show, Martin was one of the hottest sitcoms on television. The movie Woo was released and featured the classic song “T-Shirt and Panties” by the one and only Adina Howard. Move it forward twenty years into 2018 and artists like Ella Mai, with her song “Own It,” are still paying homage to Howard and her music.

Yes, some time has passed, but Howard looks better than ever! She is proud and sexy “fit over forty” woman, as she calls herself. In terms of staying in shape, Howard feels that “input equals output.” She swears by cardio and affirms that diet is super important in order to keep things moving in a healthy and fluid direction. Input equaling output happens to be her philosophy about life in general. Her belief is that you should invest in how you feel.

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Photo by The Colby Files