The “Faces Behind the Brand” campaign kicked off with a fun-filled photo shoot highlighting the underlying theme to the success of the company, which all comes down to their team.

During Women¹s History Month, the Sprayground team took time to document the successes directly attributed to their female workforce and captured images that complimented their individual styles and personalities.

From designing and planning, merchandising, marketing and sales, Sprayground’s female workforce have made a monumental impact on the overall success of the fashion apparel company.  According to the company¹s founder David Ben David,  these women are the superheroes involved in making his vision into a surreal reality:

Sandflower Dyson – Creative Director

Alicia Lyons – Licensing Coordinator

Amanda Ng – Fashion Designer

Christina Markides – ­ Executive Assistant

Danielle Gover – Account Executive

Kate Kim – Content Producer

Lissette Berroa – Production Manager

Litaf Agami – Architectural Designer

Xingchen Hu – Marketing Specialist

Marie Driven – Communications Director

Sarah Freiseis – Public Relations Coordinator

Olive Uche – Public Relations Assistant

Roxxi Chung – Public Relations Assistant

When it comes to groundbreaking and forward-thinking brands, Sprayground has been making its way to the top since 2010. Their thought-provoking, innovative and dynamic accessories are easily identifiable but difficult to recreate. They are doing it all ­collaborations with pro athletes, supporting music artists, and creating exceptional bags. The company has quickly become a favorite of art, fashion, and pop culture enthusiasts and an ever-growing fanbase worldwide.

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