If you’ve been following us for quite some time now then you know that lately, we’ve been on a skin kick! Facial cleansers are life, and face masks are relaxing but what’s the best thing to use to exfoliate, smooth, and clear the skin? Facial Cleansing Brushes! They hit the scene a few years back and to this day, they haven’t disappointed. I always said I would never buy one but man has it changed my life. Check out a few of our favorite facial cleansing brushes, we promise you, you’ll never go back!

photo obtained from vanity planet

Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa, $99.99

I’m obsessed with Adrienne Bailon-Houghton’s skin, I always have been. So when she posted a video on her YouTube channel and used Vanity Planet’s Ultimate Skin Spa, I had to have it. It left my skin feeling so smooth. The interchangeable scrubbers are great and the case that comes along with it ensures that my brush never gets infected with grime.

photo obtained from clarisonic

Mia Prima Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, $99

This brush has been my tried and true for years! It works great and I loved using it in the shower for daily use. It does the job wonderfully, truly worked beyond my expectations for such a fun-sized device. Don’t let its size fool you because it is super powerful, exactly what your skin needs.

photo obtained from dermstore

FOREO LUNA mini 2, $99

Speaking of size, this may be the smallest facial cleanser there is. Its cute, compact, and only needs to be charged once every five months! You read that right. It has a silicone nub and delivers T-sonic pulsations to remove the makeup and grime. Its also a bonus that there are six different colors to choose from!