Antoine and Spencer Holmes are the beloved bodyguards on BET’s hit series, The Family Business but what we love most about this powerful duo is their unbreakable bond. On the show, their one goal is to protect the Duncan family but in real life, they’re determined to let the world know that yes, they’re individuals but they work as a team and if you can’t accept that, then you can keep it moving. Antoine and Spencer Holmes, aka the ASH Brothers, sat down with Sheen Magazine to dish on what it’s like working alongside one another while of working with the best of the best in the entertainment industry, and how they got their start. Follow along as we sat with Spencer Holmes in this exclusive interview. To read on Antoine Holmes, click here!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Spencer Holmes. My brother and I were born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. All our lives, we always wanted to just entertain people. I quickly realized I couldn’t rap, I couldn’t sing, couldn’t dance (laughs) but I wanted to move people in their emotions. Our parents are ministers so we were able to see them speaking in front of people and it gave us the courage to want to move people emotionally. In the pursuit, we went to VCU to focus on the range of design because we’re artists. We want the world to know that yes, we can actors, artists, screenwriters, we say that we’re creative minds. My brother, Antoine came out to Los Angeles first and I came a little later with my three kids. We wanted to come out here network, meet people, and that’s what we did!

How do you see you and your brother’s character on BET’s The Family Business and how do you want the viewers to view them?

Carl Webber’s vision for our characters is to be the personal, intimate, muscle to the Duncan family. You’ll see other bodyguards used but it’s a subtle approach. You don’t see us now but the goal is that the more you do, you’ll start to see how sophisticated we are. I want the viewers to love our characters although we’re very intimidating. Carlos said, “My brother and I, we put the fear out there on them streets.” People know who the twins are. Just stay tuned because Carl Webber really has some surprises for you guys from the twins.

What is it like working alongside your brother?

I love it! I look at it as a gift. People want us to do separate things but we’re not about it. It will come later, it might not. That’s the blessing. Normally, we both walk into a room with positive energy. We want to show people that we see the blessing, you can’t separate that. That may be the gift we give to the world. You can put us in any type of film, it will work. Using us as the twins can really touch a lot of people. Put us to work! I have been working with him my whole life as designers, our own business, everything. We call ourselves the Ash Brothers, that’s our brand. I can draw a picture halfway and my brother can come right behind me and finish it. I really believe that if we show that to the world, the sky is the limit.

What can we expect to see from Spencer Holmes in the future?

Well, I want the world to see us. We’re a force to be reckoned with. I say that we’re the twin sensation, let’s use that! We’re the next thing, put us to work because we’re hard workers, we want to continue to work with BET and anyone else that will put us to work together.

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