Makeup artist and founder of Domonique Cosmetics, Domonique Utley gained a following of over 150K on her YouTube channel for her sunny personality, infectious smile, and most importantly, being able to always provide her subscribers with realistic and relatable content. As the Ultimate Beauty Guide, we’re always craving skin care tips in addition to learning all the key factors when it comes to slaying our faces. Get the inside scoop from Domonique on the relationship between skin care and makeup, and how it plays an important role in your beauty world.

What are some go-to makeup tips you use all year round?

  1. Always start with a moisturizer! Making sure your skin is hydrated and moisturized is very important, whether you are wearing makeup or not. My favorite product that leaves my skin feeling so good is NIVEA Creme.
  2. Primer is important! The primer should be applied as an additional layer, after your moisturizer, to help hold your makeup in place.
  3. For your eyeshadow to pop, always use a lighter concealer, but don’t forget to let it dry before going in with eyeshadow.

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