Do you often look at your wrist and think how wonderful it would be to own a brand-new watch? A watch is the finest accessory one to have. You not only know the time but also look elegant. Buying a new watch isn’t about selecting the first piece you lay your eyes on immediately. You need to look at specific details to get value for your money. Here are key features that you must look at while purchasing a watch


Different watches come in all manner of shapes and sizes. You can classify a watch into sporty, luxurious, casual, or vintage. What’s your style? While purchasing watches online, you need to select the ones that illuminate your personality and occasion. 

Are you searching for a watch to wear during a high-end business event? Then a luxury watch is a way to go.

However, if you want a traditional watch that will appear excellent in a personal setting, then you can go for vintage or casual. 

If you are an athlete or an outdoor person, then a sports watch would do you good.

Style is very crucial as it will make you select the ideal watch you want without having to return the purchase.

Water resistance 

Here’s another critical feature that you mustn’t forget to look at all times. There’s nothing more damaging than water entering the watch. A good watch needs to be waterproof.  

You need to know that water-resistant in watches have various degrees. You can easily wipe a splash of water over the surface. However, what happens if you need a watch to use while swimming? You need an ATM water-resistant watch as it’s resistant to 100-meter pressure.  


Various materials are used in making the watches’ band and case. You can find a watch made out of canvas, gold, silver, plastic, titanium as well as leather (the band), among others.

Material is a feature that is quite a dependant on durability as well as your budget. 

A canvas or plastic watch may seem cheaper, but it’s quite useful outdoors, and it more durable.

A gold or silver watch looks fancy and fabulous. However, it’s a little bit expensive. 

A leather band watch adds a little touch of tradition to a hand watch. Nonetheless, it’s lightweight and less durable

Watch glass 

Before you walk out of the store or click adds to cart online, you must check the watch’s glass specification. In as much as this depends on its purpose, you ought to have a quality watch. 

A sapphire glass would indicate a precise watch that’s free from scratches even after frequent usage. A mineral or crystal glass often suffices any average watch. It can be a little cheaper. Sadly, it’s more susceptible to scratches.  

All these minute features contribute to different watches having unique finishes. You must scrutinize various elements to have a quality watch. While purchasing watches online, take your time. No hurry, lest you buy a wardrobe accessory that you won’t get to wear on your wrist. Shopping for watches is a fun experience as it will enable you to experience luxury at its most exceptional state.


This feature was submitted by Cathy Carter