If we told you that YouTube sensations, Kelsey and Kendra aka The GlamTwinz were once shy would you believe us? Well, believe it or not, the two Montgomery natives revealed to us that they were! With their obsession in all things beauty and fashion, the two went on a whim and uploaded a channel in hopes of helping others! Because of these two, the natural hair conversation began early on and a movement was created. We caught up with The GlamTwinz to discuss just what it’s like working with your identical twin, their holy grail beauty products, and more!

What inspired you guys to team up to make a YouTube channel?

We got started on a whim! We had no idea uploading our first video to YouTube would turn into what it has today! We uploaded our first video to YouTube in hopes of helping others due to the constant questions we got regarding our hair and makeup. Kelsey had this bright idea to upload a video on “Top 10 Tips to Grow Out Long Healthy Hair” since our hair was the most talked-about subject and it went viral. It was then that we discovered we had an audience!

What is it like working together?

Our days are filled with using and testing new products for review, brainstorming, filming, editing, uploading, meeting posting deadlines, engaging & responding to our followers, working and consulting with our manager and agent regarding endorsements and so much more! In short, our day is filled with a lot of GRINDING!

Do you two ever disagree on anything?

Of course all the time! Sometimes we agree and sometimes we have to agree to disagree. We’re twins but we are still two different people who have their own opinions. At the end of the day when it comes to getting things done, we both know that we are working toward one common goal and that’s success!

Is there anything you believe your viewers don’t know about you?

Our viewers know us fairly well, especially the ones who have been rocking with us from day one! However, our viewers also know that we like to keep certain parts of our lives private and that there’s more to us than what they see on camera.

Can you each tell us about your holy grail beauty product?

Kelsey: Being that my job is mainly on camera, it’s important that I make every effort to keep my skin at it’s best. Retinoid is my holy grail beauty product because it’s a form of Vitamin A which helps to fight acne and anti-aging and is a universal product.

Kendra: My holy grail product is coconut oil! I love this product because it’s multi-purpose and can be used for your hair and body.

What can we expect to see from The Glamtwinz in the future?

We will dominate the beauty and fashion world! Stay tuned!

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