Whitney Eaddy, popularly known as The Growth Guru is all about empowering women of color to embrace their natural hair. in an effort to elimiate the shame some women have towards their natural hair texture, she curated four brands to help women retain and protect their hair always! We caught up with Eaddy to discuss her passion for natural hair, her brands, and much more!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Ultimately, I look at myself the Quintessential Afro-Whisperer. Natural hair is really like a second language to me. I started my own journey over 16 years ago. I was a freshman in college. For me, chopping off my relaxed hair was kind of like a journey to rediscover and program myself from years of straightening my hair. I had to discover who I was naturally. My background actually has been in corporate, it includes: public relations, sales, and marketing. Natural hair is something I’ve always loved and four years ago I transitioned into doing it full-time. I really wanted to align my passions and purpose so that’s when I started to pursue it full-time.

It grew really quickly so my business the first year, I gained over 300 new clients. The second year, I gained about 400 new clients and I had a waitlist with over 3oo people. It waitlist grew to 2700 people! I decided to open a salon in 2018 and all the people that were on the waitlist flowed into the salon. We’ve had people fly into the salon from all over the place. Ultimately, healthy natural hair is definitely my platform but my ministry overall is self-love and acceptance.

What is Silken? Tell us what inspired the creation of it.

What really inspired me to create Silken is because silk is the most luxurious fabric you can use to protect your hair. Silk really hasn’t been marketed to women of color, although we traditionally tie our hair up at night for protection. I wanted to make it available to women of color, especially since its the best fabric to retain moisture for your hair and skin. It’s the best way to protect your hair from split ends, it nurtures your skin and your hair. There are 18 amino acids that are amazing for hair and skin nourishments. It’s nutrient-enriched, organic and hypoallergenic, which is huge to me because I have sensitive skin. I just wanted to make it available and market it to women of color so they could have the most luxurious experience and protect their hair the best way possible.

How do you plan to expand your brands in the future?

I really look at it as a lifestyle brand. There’s me, The Growth Guru (where I take clients and do education). Underneath the umbrella there is Her Growing Hands (my salon brand), we’re looking to expand in the Dallas area. Hopefully, we’ll have a certification process so we can teach others all around the world. There is also NaturalUHair (a line of protective pieces). It includes wigs, ponytails, and natural looking hair pieces that mimic natural hair. All the products enable women to look exactly like themselves. I look at it as an enhancement of their natural beauty. Finally, Juices N’ Berries (my product line) which is going to be launching before the end of the year. I’m super excited about that because it’s been something I started about ten years ago. It is really geared for women with 4C hair. Most naturals with 4C textured hair will complain they have dry hair. I really wanted to alleviate that problem. I really want to just educate customers and consumers so they know the steps they should take. There is also of course, Silken (a healthy hair/lifestyle brand). I also own a feminine and skincare brand with a business partner as well. I feel like the umbrella of all I do is all about self-care and self-love.

photo by Rita Wortham

What can we expect to see from Whitney Eaddy in the future?

There is a movie that is supposed to be coming out in 2020 called, Take Back Crown. I am featured in the film with a lot of the giants in the industry. Celebrity stylists, business and brand owners, so I am really excited about that. I’m going to be working on a few books, I want to do a natural healthy hair guide that is interactive and educational. I really want to write a children’s book on accepting and loving themselves. I really want to grow my brands within my healthy hair lifestyle umbrella!

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Featured Image by Rita Wortham