Hair expert, motivational speaker, and author Arlene Martin is a woman who means business! With over 20 years under her belt, it’s clear that she exemplifies the word: success. When speaking to Arlene, it was clear that behind all the success stands a woman who is humble in all her endeavors and is constantly giving back to help others. We caught up with the woman of many hats to discuss her career, incorporating beauty in the world of entertainment, and much more!

Tell us about yourself. When did you know that beauty was something you wanted to pursue as your career?

I’ve been doing hair in the industry for over 20 years. I’ve always known that doing hair, extensions, and having the artistic talent from the an early age. I was always creative when I was young and stayed on the artistic side of things. Hair was an extension of my artistic talent and gift. Designing hair was something creative for me so it just struck a passion inside of me. It started getting really serious in high school. From that point on, it just kept blowing up from there.

You are the founder of Head Rest Studios, LLC, Screw Hues Cosmetics, and The Standard Beauty Group. Clearly you are a woman of business, how do you balance your full plate?

Well, there is a lot of people on my team that I trust and support me in all my endeavors. I trust my team to handle a lot of the specifics on my businesses and things of that nature. Its important for someone with that many businesses and strengths to have a lot of important people that can deal with those businesses.

You’ve worked on some pretty exciting series such as American Soul and P Valley. How would you describe incorporating the world of beauty into the entertainment industry?

Working in the entertainment industry is kind of like an extension of me working as a hair stylist or a hair design artist. I’ve always told myself that I’d wanted to do everything in the business. Whether it’s barbering, color, chemicals for the hair, I wanted to learn how to be versatile in everything concerning hair. Because of that, it made me a demand in the industry. It made people turn and look at me. It has been an extension of what I’ve always wanted to do which was everything concerning hair. Once I made the effort to learn it all, doors began to open in that area. I believe that if you make yourself an asset to other people then they will always have you in demand.

Are there any upcoming projects you could give us insight into?

I am working on American Soul, season 2 right now. I’ve also been chosen to be the Wig Master for Royal Caribbean cruises and that will start in January. I will be going to Japan! 

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