I’ll be the first one to admit that I have been through an embarrassing amount of vitamin and supplement to try to make my hair, skin, and nails as youthful-looking as possible. It’s been a long process to finding the type of supplements that work best for me but the trial and error period is finally over! I’ve finally found a supplement that is worth the money, where nutrition meets beauty, and one that has introduced my body to shiny hair, tough nails, and glowing skin.

The damage I’ve done on my hair, skin, and nails over the years.


I’ve done a lot of damage to my hair this past couple of years so my days of long, glossy hair was something that was put in the past. A lot of dye, highlights, and heat tools made my hair thin, fragile, and dry. I decided enough was enough and I set out a plan to get my hair back in its normal state.


Growing up, my parents always urged me to use sunscreen when I spent long hours at the pool or at the beach. When I left my parents’ house for college, I have to admit, I wasn’t applying it much because I was either too lazy or just didn’t care. It was the little things that damaged my skin, I was applying lotion onto it that was too fragrant, wasn’t buying makeup or skincare products that contained SPF, and I didn’t apply sunscreen while spending time out in the sun because of the fact that I simply wanted a tan.


Every two weeks for about a year, I was getting my nails filled in with acrylics. Ugh, if I could just slap myself on the hand for this. I did not realize how much damage I was doing to my nails. After about a year, my nail tech suggested switching over to dip powder to save my nails because he noticed that they were severely damaged from the acrylics. I took his advice and made the switch, and while my nails did grow a little stronger, they were still being damaged.

The Solution 

I decided enough was enough and it was time for an ultimate repair job on my nails so without further ado, Allow me to introduce you to my saving grace, Akura Wellness’ Hair Skin and Nails Complex. I swear the formula is perfection because it supports not only my hair, skin, and nails but all areas of the body. After about a week of use, I noticed that my hair was beginning to see life again and my nails were coming back to life (after the damage of acrylics). I’ve felt so much better and noticed that I had a lot more energy than before. I know that this supplement actually works because a few of my friends suggested it to me and we’re all obsessing over it. It’s given me the nutrients that my body needs and has transformed my skin to look vibrant and luxurious as ever. For more information, be sure to visit the official Akura Wellness website for all the supplement facts.

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