Whether it be at work, in college, or starting your own business, being organized is extremely important. Here are some simple steps to assist you in the process of getting and staying organized.

Step One: Prepare

In the area that is subject to being organized, gather everything relevant to that subject matter. This is because in the first step you must be aware of everything that needs to be organized. This could mean gathering all of your work relating for your job and putting it in one central location so you may begin. Vice versa for your school work if you are in college, or any subject matter related to you possibly starting your own business. Having binders for different subject matters or some form of a folder is very helpful in this process so that you may put all of your relevant paperwork back in a more intentional state.

Step Two: Plan

As you look over all of your information, gather important dates, events, upcoming deadlines, and all due dates. In order to plan you must be fully aware of everything you have, which is why you must first prepare. Once your vital information is gathered from any paper work, emails, or notifications, this is when you write it all down on some sort of scratch paper, which you may also keep for record.

Step Three: Prioritize

After everything of importance has been written, and all of your relevant material is in its proper binders or folder, it is now time to prioritize. Also on a scratch paper, or posted notes, place all dates and information in order of most upcoming, and most significant to furthest in time and not as significant. Being intentional about which tasks must get done first is very important so that nothing gets skipped or completed past the deadline.

Step Four: Plot

The ultimate key to being organized is having a planner! Planners are life savers when it comes to staying organized. After all paperwork has been placed accordingly, after all important events and dates have been gathered and listed in order of relevance, it is now time to jot it all down in your planner. Make sure as you do this final step, you are paying close attention to what you are writing so all information remains accurate.

These simple steps will definitely get you on the right track in making sure that your business is intact and in order. Always remember that organization is extremely vital in being efficient. Like my father always says “your preparation is equivalent to your success”, so have fun being organized!

Featured Image: Shutterstock