It’s the day before Christmas and all over the city, you’re on the hunt for a present that is fun, helpful, and it has to be pretty! You’re stressed out, worn out, and too tired to yawn, if only, if only you’d thought of

Okay, let’s be serious for a second, I mean is serious business, but my rhyme scheming certainly isn’t. People! We are now experiencing the full force of the holiday season. Yesterday, on my way home from work, it took a whole extra half hour for me to pass the mall exit, during which I twiddled my thumbs in agony, while listening to a podcast, trying to remain calm. Every year seems busier and busier, and every year I find myself gravitating towards shopping online. Simply put, there are so many incredible products out there, which with but a few swipes and finger taps on a phone,within days, a package will arrive, and I’ll begin debating on whether or notit’s ethical to wrap a different box than the one sitting on my doorstep, butthat’s a wholly different matter.

What matters right now is – as my soon to be Pulitzer Prize winning two line poem already mentioned –

Do you have children with unruly, crazy hair? What about a friend, family member, or coworker? Well, everything in the name of the KnotGenie suggests exactly what I’m about to tell you. This wonderful and colorful device magically rids your lovely mane of any knot, tough or hidden, that doesn’t seem to want to leave. Rikki Mor, the founder of Knot Genie, developed the brush, “…[which] is effective, yet gentle enough that even children with sensory issues want to use it,” after spending most of her life dealing with unmanageable hair.

However, the Knot Genie’s practicality and marvelousness doesn’t stop there. The design of the brush features various bristle lengths so that when in use the Knot Genie is less stressful on your hair than a traditional brush and prevents breakage. I like the sound of that. And after I tried it out myself, it works!

Personally, my hair is on the thin side, and just about everytime I brush, I’ll take a moment and stare in horror at the loss I just experienced. But not with the Knot Genie, which works with all sorts of hair types, such as curly, straight, and multi-cultural. And get this, it works wonders with extensions and wigs, and just as well with synthetic hair as real.

The brush itself is small enough to be the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s price – under $20 – fits well for your office secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange. This isn’t even mentioning the various colors and styles – such as the Teeny Genie (what a fun name!) which is designed for kids– that are all bright and exciting, eye catching for sure.

So make a hair statement this holiday season and gift the Knot Genie! You can find them, again, as my lovely poem mentioned, on           

All images obtained from Knot Genie’s official website!