Today we celebrate the life and legacy of one of America’s historical public figures Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His “I Have A Dream” Speech still resonates as an empowering unity building message nearly four decades later. It was his commitment to the equality and civil rights for people of color with a message of peace that made a legacy that will last for generations to come. On this day across the globe people celebrate Dr. King’s legacy by showing acts of kindness, public service, and community engagement. Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because of you we can now have opportunities of equality and a voice for social justice.

Circa 1965, American civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King Jr (1929 - 1968) and his wife Coretta Scott King lead a march down the center of a street, 1960s. (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images)

Pictured Center: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – March from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama