They say a family that prays together, stays together but there is nothing more precious than a family that also gets money together! The legacy continues with singer Tamika Scott who is a member of the legendary and popular 90s R&B group known as Xscape, which has produced numerous hit singles like, “Just Kickin’ It,” “Understanding,” “Who Can I Run To” and much more. During a recent interview on Starrdom100 Radio, Tamika Scott and her daughter Young Niyah shared a lot of laughs while discussing their careers in music and family life. Young Niyah is literally her mother’s twin and you may feel like you stepped back in time just looking at her and her mother during the early years of Xscape. Young Niyah has opened up for Xscape on tour and her energy levels are of one that has been doing it in the game for a while. You can tell that she has been ready for this her whole life! Her hit singles like, “Hit Em,” and the recent release of her single “Like Whoa” have been keeping fans on their toes; she is definitely that on the rise artist to keep your eyes on! Tamika Scott states that she does everything to make sure that her daughter is ready for the music industry and sees that she doesn’t encounter some of the experiences that she went through at the start of her career.

“At first I was a little skeptical because I already know how this industry is, it can spit you out and beat you up. I’m a very protective mom, but the fact that Young Niyah was born with crazy talent, she’s a lyricist, like everything she does is way beyond her age. I was like okay she has this talent and she has the mindset of what she wanted to do so I said let me get behind my baby to make sure she doesn’t make the same mistakes I did in this industry.” – Tamika Scott

There were many laughs between the two as Tamika stated that her daughter listens more about music than she did before, and honestly we know that to be the typical parent encounters with our kids. However during our discussion you could tell that the mother and daughter relationship they have is quite beautiful and who wouldn’t be excited to see their twin growing up and killing it with music! She states that she allows her daughter to just be herself while continuing to guide her. 

When asked about what it’s been like growing up with a mom who is a legend to follow in the music industry, Young Niyah stated, “I think it’s amazing, I get to watch her and have a role model right there, and just follow in her footsteps.” While discussing where she gets her talent from, she laughed and said “God…but I was born to do this.” Tamika went on to add that some time they have a little freestyle battle at home, but Young Niyah stated that she wins every time!

Tamika Scott also has new music out with her song “Almost Over” which has gained major love and support while being embraced by gospel networks. On her Instagram she recently shared a screenshot from BET Gospel Rotations stating, “God has blessed me to conquer the R&B charts, and now to be accepted in the gospel genre…Look at God!”

Check out the full interview below to listen to what they both shared with me and to hear what made Tamika Scott release her song “Almost Over.” Also find out what we can expect next from the talented on the rise hip-hop recording artist, Young Niyah as the legacy of talent continues on with this family! 

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