If you’re a Disney movie OG then you know the BEST Disney film of all time is The Lion King! Whether it’s the fact that the music is wonderfully orchestrated music or the inspiration of the film being the motherland, Africa. We were first introduced to The Lion King in 1994 and it instantly took the world by storm, going on the have a sequel, another film, musical and even many spin-off series it was without a doubt the world loved it!

So, get out your Lion King apparel, stuffed animals and old Lion King VHS because this epic movie is BACK! This time it will be in live-action feature with yet another all-star cast you wouldn’t believe! The film includes Donald Glover, Beyoncé, James Earl Jones, Seth Rogen, Florence Kasumba, Alfre Woodard and more! Nothing but excellence will be on our screen, but don’t worry, we’ve got until 2019!

Will you be tuning into new The Lion King? Let us know!

Featured Image obtained on Disney’s official Twitter page