As if dominating the silver screen were not enough, Robinson has found a place in our homes on our television screens as well dating back to his debut as the green power ranger, Joel Rawlings in the year 2000 and that success has continued to today with his role as the troubled musician on the hit television series Saints & Sinners.

Robinson begins by telling me about how he got his start in acting several years back. He explains that he had gotten out of a deal that he had with his former music group and decided, one day, to tag along with a friend for an acting class and it just went from there. He was fortunate enough to land the first role that he auditioned for on the then hit television show, Power Rangers.

I asked, “What would you say has been the most challenging role you have had to play?”

“I try to challenge myself with every role that I play,” Robinson says, “but in doing the movie Fat Albert, it was challenging to bring a cartoon character to life in the real world.”

I went on to ask him which he found more challenging, television or movie acting since he has seen such success with both. He explains that television can be a little more routine since you are coming back to the same character each time and that, while he loves both, a great movie can leave an indelible mark that lasts forever.

We went on to talk about his character, Miles Calloway on the television show Saints & Sinners. I asked him to delve into the character for me a little more to help us understand him. “He is a musician who finds himself in between the R &B and the Gospel music worlds. He is also torn between two women and seems to be in love with both his wife and his mistress”, Robinson explains.

He describes the character as always being “in between” in both his professional and personal life. I went on to ask Robinson what he pulls from in order to make his character so believable.

He says that he has to pull from various life experiences in such a role in order to make the character translate so well. While he has never has such pressing dilemmas as Miles does, he says that he feels that there are always choices that we have to make in life and he channels those experiences when becoming Miles Calloway.

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