Love is a magical feeling. Knowing that another human has been put on this earth specifically for you and has the full intent to cherish, care and love you can mean the world. Ronnika Ann, has found her very own Prince Charming. A life partner, a companion, and the man of her dreams, Carlton McFall. Her wish for all is that they find love and don’t give up on it because of the past circumstances that have made them doubt it.  Ronnika’s shares her journey back to love and how it has impacted her life and personal growth.

What was the most stressful part of planning your wedding?

I think the most stressful part was letting go. As the bride, I couldn’t be there the day of to coordinate it to make sure that everything did run smoothly. I realized that I had to just trust my team. There were so many moments where I was supposed to let go and it was really hard. At the same time, I really enjoyed being a bride; I was able to balance everything. I’m a full-time entrepreneur so I do this full time. I took a break from my business and let my team run that.

Do you really believe that it takes at least a year of planning to become a bride?

I think you have to figure out what type of bride you are first and you go from there. You can be the bride that just wants 20 of your closest friends, fly them out to Cancun, and have a wedding on the beach. You could also be the bride that wants 500 people at the wedding. You just have to figure out what type of bride you are and that’s how you will figure out how you will plan it. For me, I wanted a fairytale. I wanted my skills and passion to show at our wedding and I knew that would take time. Carlton and I didn’t come from rich parents; we paid for our wedding ourselves so we knew we couldn’t just produce what we wanted to produce in a short period of time. We did a ten-month engagement because of the cost. We already knew we wanted to love each other; we didn’t need time to think about it. 

How did the idea of the HoneyFund come about?

Again, it was Carlton’s idea. We wanted a HoneyFund to get a house from there. That’s exactly what we did. Our HoneyFund is still active so people can still give. It was still so worth it because we were able to see who gave and how much. We could call people and say thank you. People enjoyed it because it was so easy for them. Carlton and I are all about experiences. We’re not materialistic people. We’re a more business-savvy couple and we just knew that money would be the best option for us since we have to move within less than a year. 

What is life like after the wedding?

It’s amazing. Absolutely amazing. It’s magical. Being married is the best decision I’ve ever made in life. We’re already talking about our next trip, kids, not right now but it’s exciting to have a partner and someone that has the same vision and goals as you. I think everyone should get married. Many people give up on love or don’t want to get married. I wish love on everyone. I want others to feel how I feel because everyone deserves true love.

How did you know Carlton was “the one?’

I prayed for Carlton. I prayed for specific things. We were friends first. When he told me that he liked me, I was like… “you like me?”. When I thought about what I prayed about and looked back at him, I realized that he was everything I prayed for. I wanted someone that knew the real Ronnika. The goofy, immature Ronnika. The shy Ronnika, many people don’t even know I’m shy. When I realized that he had all of the characteristics of what I prayed for in a man, it kind of scared me because God answered the prayers. 

The lovebirds have started their own business, McFallEverAfter Special Occasions which first came about by Carlton McFall. The McFalls wanted to plan weddings together starting with their very own. Let the McFalls help you plan your special event.

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All images by Sterling Brides/Will Sterling | provided by Ronnika Ann