As Summer reaches its peak and the festivals keep on rolling, we’ve finally arrived at the fun part of the fashion season where the shorts are shorter, toes can emerge, and fabrics and outfits are kept so minimal, in an effort to stay as cool as possible, that only the most exciting accessories can do the trick, fashionably topping off those summer looks! Read below for the major summer accessory trends you’ll need to complete your outfits and truly enhance your poolside slay.


photo obtained from madwell

(Linked Shapes Statement Earrings, $32)


Tortoiseshell is versatile, understated, and a simple way to add dimension to your summer color palette. Tortoise earrings seem to be the most prominent but also try tortoiseshell hair accessories. The pattern pairs well with anything and perfectly represents the minimalistic approach.

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(Boater Straw Hat, $17.90)


Sun hats are seeing a much more artisan approach with the emergence of wider, more dramatic brims. Raffia and straw are primary materials which, combined with frayed edges, exude a more natural aesthetic. Accessorize your poolside looks with a straw hat, or pair the trend with the festival vibe this summer.

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(Riley Chain Belt, $68)


Belt bags have been trending for some time; their practically makes them the perfect bag for attending those summer events. You’ll need your hands to be free for all the dancing and ice cream cones for sure!


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