Calm down! I promise this isn’t what you were thinking. No wigs and costume jewelry required, so hold your horses’ guys. We’re still dressing like men. However, some minor wardrobe adjustments are in order thanks to our overbearing mother nature. Sporadic blizzards in New England and indecisive temperatures across the rest of the U.S. are making this seasonal change the perfect opportunity to cross-dress.

We’re taking this age-old term, putting a spin on it, and the way you style your everyday/any-day looks. It simply means crossing semi-spring palettes with some of your winter wear. How to start? Easy! Begin by working darkest colored winter garments out and keeping in your sweaters and outerwear. Next, lighten up the palette a little by adding brighter colored pieces such as acid- washed denim, cream/neutral tops, lighter blues, and a few light shades of green.

Your response….”and this is important because????” Well, as a male master of style, there’s a certain degree of synergy we must maintain with the Earth and its seasons to make our style pop and also relevant.

How does changing a few colors do all of this? It’s a mind game! Due to the human psyche and its processing of colors, incorporating lighter colors evokes warmer sensations in a passerby as they observe your fashion prowess and awesomeness of style. Simultaneously, light colors in your wardrobe will let people know you’re gearing up for spring! Not to mention when it’s freezing cold outside, layering these colors with knit or outerwear emits an air of practicality. Forecasting fashion and the practical application thereof are what being “fashion forward” is all about. Remember, “Style relevance” is the pinnacle of “fashion-forward-ism” -the art of exuding a fashion forward lifestyle.

Still on the fence about cross-dressing? Look and see how it’s done!


Double Denim is not longer an offense! Layer a denim shirt with your winter wool/tweed blazer and tie some floral around your neck. Dress it up by adding a loafer, double-monk strap, or keep it casual with an air-max sneaker.


For those of you still stuck in the snow, this one is for you. Cotton Chino joggers (like these) pair well with a cream cable sweater and black wool overcoat. Protect those ears from blistering cold winds with a hat and slide in some high-tops or a boot.


Perfect for a Friday night out with light winds and temperatures in the 50s…


Nautical stripes are a good way to bring in the spring and layers are the best way to stay warm!