Sanai Victoria has become a hit sensation! You may recognize her as Lynn Payne on Tyler Perry’s hit series, “The Paynes.” Not only is this young, ambitious star an actress but she’s currently working on a six-song EP, writing her first book, AND was named Junior Pre-Teen/Miss Teen Los Angeles. In an exclusive interview with Sheen, Victoria discusses her role on “The Paynes” and what all we can expect from her coming soon!

Could you tell your readers a little about yourself and how you got into acting?
I’d be glad to! My name is Sanai Victoria, I’m 11 years old. I act, sing, dance, play the piano, horseback ride and write. When I was six, I did a natural pageant called, “National American Miss.” At my first time ever pageant, my mom said I was good on stage and being in front of other people. She later asked me, “Do you want to try acting?” and I said “Sure.” I didn’t know anything about acting. My mom looked up acting classes on the internet and found 3-2-1 Acting Studios, they are the best there! They offered a showcase where I performed in front of several of Hollywood top agents. After about two months, I signed with an agent and they sent me out on auditions. I booked my second audition ever which was a Chrysler 200 commercial. I played the piano in the commercial!

What was your experience like as a contestant at the National American Miss Pageant?

It was so amazing! National American Miss is nationwide, so I was able to meet new friends from California as well as friends from all over the United States. NAM is awesome and we’re like a family, that’s why we call each other NAMILY. The program prepares young girls for things like public speaking, interviewing, proper etiquette, the importance of volunteering, giving back, and self-confidence. My NAMILY have been very supportive of my acting, especially on social media!

Do you mind giving us insight on your role in “The Paynes”?
I play Lynn on “The Paynes.” She is eight years old and very smart! She is definitely wise beyond her years. She’s really sweet and curious about everything around her. She tries to get into the grown-up’s business but they make sure she stays in her kid lane. 

You’re currently working on a six-song EP and your first book! Can you tell us what all we can expect?

Yes! My EP is designed and written to empower, inspire, and uplift girls. For example, one song is about more than just being pretty, but having a brain as well. With an awesome team behind me, my songs also have great pop beats that I’m sure people will love. The songs are written to reach a large audience. I’d say you can listen and love them at any age. My book is about show business from a child’s perspective. It will have a few interviews from Los Angeles’ top acting coaches and agents. I can’t wait for the launching of both of my projects. I’m so excited!

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Photographer: Leslie Alejandro
Stylist: Shannon Komsky
Hair: Preston Wada
Makeup: Paul Blanch