As of late, protective styling has become extremely advanced in it’s process. Now to get a considerably decent wig, prices are starting at $500 and continuing to go up. If you could instead create a look of your own, you would save so much money, by constructing your own wig. There are many opposed to YouTube helping assist you in DIYs but if you are able to find a “guru” who can give you sound advice and you pay thorough attention, practice will make perfect.

  1. Allot enough time. Time and patience is must when trying to achieve a new hairstyle because this is a different realm it may take a lot longer to start the flow of the wig.
  2. Have the correct tools. Another way to reduce stress during this process is to make sure you’ve got the right products/tools needed. Once you have them, lay it all out that way you won’t have to stop to look for anything.
  3. Rewind. Luckily in this day and age rewinding only takes seconds, rewind the video as many times necessary to make sure you get it down pat and zoom in.
  4. Don’t be hard on yourself. Remember this is your first time so, if it doesn’t come out exactly how you want it, at least you tried!
  5. Customize. Once the actually wig is done, customize it to your liking. It not just done once you stop sewing or gluing!
  6. Have fun! Take breaks when you need it and remember how much money you are saving yourself!

If you do decide to make a wig, share your images on Instagram, tag Sheen Magazine and use the hashtag: #ISLAYED.

Featured Image by TheChicNatural