I’ll be honest, I am not usually a huge fan of protein bars. I feel like they all taste the same…a combo of decent flavor and a somewhat powdery aftertaste. So, when I went to try the Quest Birthday Cake Protein Bar, I had low expectations, even bracing myself for disappointment. To my surprise, this bar was delicious. I mean the kind of delicious that had me consider having it as dessert the next day! It reminded me so much of a cake that I would normally feel guilty eating, but without an ounce of regret. Not to mention, the bar was perfectly filling, which was exactly the pick-me-up that I needed.

Now I really enjoy eating Quest bars, and dare I say, crave them!? Because of this newfound obsession, I wanted to give the rest of the Quest products a try. Our office took to testing out some of the most popular Quest products, (yes, there are more than just protein bars) and we are here to share our thoughts.

Protein Bars

Their protein bars are what set Quest apart from the rest. We all know the gamble of paying $3 for a protein bar and crossing our fingers that it tastes good, but I am here to assure you that Quest hits the mark! After trying many of their flavors, we narrowed down our favorite crowd-pleasers that you definitely need to try.

The Birthday Cake flavor was certainly a front-runner for our team. The white chocolate flavor is enough to make anyone smile, but the sprinkles inside add that little touch that takes you back to your childhood birthdays. Peanut Butter Brownie Smash was another favorite! This timeless combo is made even better after being microwaved for a few seconds, creating an extra ooey-gooey treat. Lastly, our Mint Chocolate Chunk is like the perfect guilt-free dessert. I am a HUGE fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream, but in an effort to stray away from late-night dairy, I have kept this bar by my bedside. It is definitely more filling & doesn’t leave me bloated the next morning.

Protein Cookies

I am the world’s biggest cookie fan. Trust me, I would eat cookies for every meal if I could, but I always seem to be stopped by my inner conscious reminding me of all the preservatives and sugar that are about to enter my system. Annoying, I know. This is where the Protein Cookies come into play. Perfectly nutritious and yummy.

Our favorites around the office were the Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Chip cookies. I’d be lying if I said elbows weren’t thrown when the box of cookies arrived. They are the perfect mid-day treat, and as mentioned above, great after being microwaved for a couple of seconds.

Protein Chips

I was honestly mind-blown at the concept of protein chips. For whatever reason, it just isn’t something that was ever on my radar. I feel like these are especially good for those of you who prefer salty treats over sweets. These chips are perfectly crunchy and powdered with great flavor. The Ranch Tortilla Chips were a crowd pleaser around here, as well as the BBQ flavor. Substitute these for your normal potato chips and you are guaranteed to feel fuller, trust me.

These were just some of the many treats we tried from Quest, but you can’t go wrong with any of their products. Let us know in the comments below which ones you like the most!