Actress, filmmaker and social media guru, Princess Ezeofor, is one of the rising voices on the internet. A Howard University graduate, with a B.A. in Film, she has over 75,000 followers on Instagram and 18,000 on You Tube , with her following growing daily. We took the time to do a photoshoot with Princess in her beautiful home and ask her a few questions.

How was the Princess Lifestyle born? 

The Princess Lifestyle was born from not having the opportunity to see someone like me killing it on social media. My sister, ChiChi, thought of the name for me years ago and since then I have been living in it. It feels good to give girls like me a real view of the possibilities of their future. If I can accomplish what I have accomplished…GIRLLLL YOU CAN! 

Why did you choose Instagram first over any other social media? 

I was on YouTube first but YouTube always had so much…stuff…going on. It was just unbelievably difficult to build a following on that platform. Honestly, it’s even more difficult now than ever before.  Instagram’s explore page definitely helped me garner my following. People would always tell me that they found me on the explore page and followed me from there. 

Do you think the phenomena of Instagram will ever end, like Myspace?

There’s always an end to everything but somehow, someway, Instagram just keeps reinventing itself and taking out it’s competition along the way. If there is an end to Instagram, I don’t foresee it happening for a very long time.

Where did you learn makeup skills? 

Trial and a whole lot of error, (laughs). I watched makeup artists, not beauty influencers but actual makeup artists, and followed their lead. I believe that’s part of why my style of videos stands out among others. I use techniques that I have learned from working makeup artists, as opposed to (only) Instagram and YouTube.  

You are so authentic in your videos, why do you choose to share such private experiences? 

Probably because I am EXTREMELY private with my personal life. My personal life is just that…personal. I share as much as I feel comfortable sharing because I know that I would have loved to be in my teenage years watching someone like me out here KILLIN it. 

What is your makeup pet peeve?

My makeup pet peeve is Tinter Moisturizer. It’s useless. If you want less coverage…USE LESS FOUNDATION! 

What is beauty to you? 

Beauty to remembering who you are. Remembering who God created you to be. That’s my job and part of why I make videos. I’m just here to remind everyone of how beautiful they are before, during and after makeup. 

What is the one thing you must wear before leaving the house?

I try to look as put together as possible when I step out but chiiiiiiiiiiile I’m so busy that most times you’ll see me in some Champion sweats and Balenciaga sneakers. If you’re ever out and see a chocolate woman with glowing skin, a designer bag in her hand, a sweatsuit and Balenci’s…it’s probably me. 

Why do you think your videos are so popular?

I think my videos are popular because it’s refreshing to see someone like me applying makeup in the style that I apply it. Someone of my skin tone, my background and the quality and style of my videos are unlike others in the beauty community. I’m also there’s that. 

How do you take a selfie?  Or do you take selfies anymore? 

Selfies are exhausting but yes…I do. (Laughs) I always opt for the over-head angle for my selfies. They tend to be the most flattering. 1000 clicks later…I’ve got one perfect selfie. 

I hear through the grapevine that you’re a film school graduate. Will we see you on the big screen?

Soon! I have some things in the works for 2020. I don’t like to speak on anything until it’s set in stone, however, 2020 is the start of an incredible decade for me and mine. 

What are your plans for the next year?

Five years? In 2020, I will be on your TV screen at least twice. Within the next five years, I will have at least two of my own projects on your tv screen and in theaters. 

Any advice to your younger self?

I think more than anything, my younger self needed to be hugged, held close and protected. I would give her that. 

What do you do on your free time?

In my free time I go to the movies…by myself (laughs). I love people and family and whatnot. But there are certain movies that I just HAVE TO see on my own. No distractions. I need to be able to take notes and view the film from a filmmaker’s perspective. I can’t do that with other people with me.

Last book you read?

The last book I read was actually a re-read of the book “A Deeper Love Inside” by Sista Soulja. She’s one of my favorite authors and her books helped me get through one of the roughest seasons of my life.

Your fave outfit and why? 

Hmm…I’m torn between a short, flowy dress paired with boots and a band tee with high waist jeans paired with a bold designer heel. 

Fave place to eat?

SUCCOTASH on F street in DC… Omg! The Fried Green Tomatoes!

Fave place to live. 

DEFINITELY Los Angeles for now. My work is there, opportunity is there and I feel a sense of optimism whenever I am in LA. Maybe it’s the weather (laughs).

Fave luxury designer. 

At the moment, Amina Muaddi. I love how she designs such elegant and feminine heels for women. And that slim, square shape of the heel…gets me every time!

Fave affordable designer.

Affordable? What’s that?! No kidding! (Laughs). Hmm…Define affordable…. 


Photographer: Jovanna Reyes

Photographer Assistant:  Lauren Brown

Stylist: Brian Lamont

Black Glitter double breasted dress-Fashion to Figure

Rainbow glitter wrap dress-Fashion to Figure

Red Tulle dress-El NonPareil

Black gown-Milanka Code

Black fur jacket-Storytellerz Boutique

Shoes and Boots-Zara

Clear Handbag-Zara

Jewelry-Fashion to Figure, Ashley Stewart, Aldo and stylist’s own