Rapper and media personality Headkrack is visually and lyrically aligning his musical game.

Breaking every barrier in radio, comedy, and entertainment while aggressively attacking the rap scene, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show member HeadKrack is definitely not one to sleep on. SHEEN had the absolute pleasure to take a walk on the Krack side of things.

The do-it-all rapper extraordinaire just finished the first series of the traveling game show The Take! Music Game Show, which caters to a plethora of dope artists, who are all looking for a little push to jumpstart their careers into the national limelight. HeadKrack explains how The Take! is what every artist needs, in order to excel in today’s current state of culture The show gives artists the opportunity to competitively sharpen their skills, while also gaining a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with rap legends and icons. “There are places,” HeadKrack explains, “Like Anchorage, Alaska, not typically considered a music hot spot, where you know there are talented people.

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Featured Image by Raymond Alston