Celebrity makeup artist Tay Rivera shares his pro tips, beauty must-haves, and more!

“10 different looks and my looks all kill,” these lyrics perfectly define Tay Rivera’s makeup artistry, and his over decade long talented career in the industry. From starting out, working for a cosmetic brand, to creating stunning looks of today’s most notable celebrities, Tay never lost sight of his passion and dream. So, take a seat and step into Tay’s world, as we get schooled in all things beauty.

Can you start off by telling us a little about yourself and how you got your start?

I went to makeup school about sixteen years ago. I started out in Chicago and worked for a cosmetic brand in retail. I continued to grow from there, working on weddings, parties, etc. I moved myself to New York City because I always admired fashion makeup. Thankfully through hard work and determination, I was able to manifest that.

While in NYC, I worked at Bryan Park, Lincoln Center, etc and did fashion week for about seven years, which was an incredible experience. I started working with an artist/singer in NYC, and the project brought me to LA.


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Featured Image: Tay Rivera | Instagram