It ’twas the night before the season finale of Love & Marriage: Huntsville 

And all through the house…

American televisions were tuned in to OWN

Possibly, even the one’s at Oprah’s house!

Suddenly, the finale appeared as fast as the show premiered, keeping countless numbers of fans in a whirlwind of suspense! The finale led us to a Marsau surprise, regarding Latisha’s brand new accomplishments. She had been handling her business, transitioning from the real housewife to a career mom, which happened so quickly! She obtained a position within the company of her choice, and immediately secured a lucrative opportunity for her husband as well. Y’all better watch Latisha work!

In the final episode, it was also revealed that Martell’s injury would result in surgery. I know that had to be the last thing he wanted to hear.

A very emotionally charged episode, Maurice and Marsau showed us why their brotherly love and passion for progress touches us so much. Even if you dislike Marsau’s outdated thinking about gender roles, you can’t help but love his commitment to family, and how he excels in spite of the stereotypes about young black men in America.

Although the scene definitely induced tears, it raised eyebrows as well. Maurice wants his ex-wife to meet his new wife, Kimmi and wants his son to live with him. How is it that she hasn’t already met Kimmi, a woman who has already been entrusted to care for her son? Inquiring minds would love to know!

Meanwhile, the last meeting with the Comeback Group proved to be such a nightmare that Melody literally left the scene. So now, she insists on pursuing projects without the others. When Kimmi asked her to meet, she arrived at the Comeback Group meeting, even though Latisha had made it clear to others that she didn’t even want to see Melody. Oh my goodness…

I love Kimmi’s willingness to put personal issues aside and to encourage everyone to be a part of the movement that’s taking place in The Rocket City. She is so determined, down to earth, giving to others and is definitely a spokesperson for “Living Your Best Life!” Without hesitation, she made it very clear that she knew Melody was an asset and wanted her to remain part of the group. Melody gave her ideas on what she felt everyone should do: STAY IN THEIR OWN LANE. Hopefully, the Comeback Group will come back even stronger and do greater things in North Huntsville!

Then came the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Everybody wants to know…will Martell be okay?! Uh…let me go back and restate this:

What I mean is that everyone wants to know how Melody is going to react to this new situation. After all, we know he made it through the surgery because we checked his Facebook page. Oops. We also know he went to The Roc Nation Brunch party with Jay Z, and that Melody has been in pictures with Beyonce too. So yeah, it’s safe to safe Martell is definitely feeling well. But we still wanted to know what happened in the hospital!

One thing we learned about Mel is that no matter the case, she will not hold back her feelings, not even at a wedding and not even before a surgery! Yep, Mrs. Holt continued to let Martell know they weren’t in a good place, and also informed him about the new living arrangements awaiting him after the surgery, which means, “HIM DOWNSTAIRS”! I bet if he ever gets in a better place with Melody, he won’t mess up again!

Although Martell broke his wife’s heart and risked shattering all things Holt, my heart actually went out to him in the moment. I don’t know what contributed to his long-standing deceptive behavior, but he seemed to be a man who regretted his past actions even if he does have two phones. Y’all know this man is all about his business. How many cell phones do you have?

As the medicine seemed to put Martell in a much more relaxed state, and he started saying some really heartfelt things to her. This man loves his wife and expressed how he never wants to lose her and that she is the best thing that ever happened to him! He said it’s not about the kids or the money, and he just loves her. Now, this love confession of Martell Holt was made on national television so that means everybody, and I do mean everybody, knows Martell’s heart belongs to Melody!

After leaving the hospital, Melody reflects on the great times she has experienced with Martell.

“Who built Holt and Holt? We Did!”

Everybody knows Melody is a very strong and accomplished woman, but she has arrived at a crossroads in her own difficult life. In spite of all the glam, the glitz, and being an all-around corporate diva, Melody Holt is just another woman, trying to find herself once more, able to rise above the present pain and become all that she is meant to be. My best wishes for Melody and her new journey of healing, growth, and self-discovery.

As this season comes to a close, there are so many of us who can’t imagine our Saturday nights without Melody, Martell, Kimmi, Maurice, Marsau, and Latisha. You know: The Holt’s & The Scott’s.

Thank you all for giving us such a fun season packed with a triple dose of love, laughter, and family. I do applaud your bravery and authenticity, for sharing your deepest personal struggles and for giving us a real glimpse of Love & Marriage in Huntsville, where it all went down…only on the Oprah Winfrey Network!

Featured Image Courtesy of OWN