Have you ever realized that life is built within a polarization system? North and south, good and bad, up and down, yin and yang, positive or negative, rich or poor. This is the nature of things in the universe. It is designed for things to come back around and to produce of its kind, which is why I wanted to write on this particular topic because I have noticed a misalignment within myself as well as others. I realized that those who most often experience constant struggle have not practiced the methods of those who are prosperous and successful. The secret to this code is THE SEED.

The unequivocal manifestation of all creation.

The history of a seed is key to the manifestation process for growth and creation. The seed’s blueprint is essential because it ensures that by producing a likeness of its kind, it will continue into the next generation. Their methods of spreading include; the tree or plant itself, wind, animals, and humans. Seeds have the ability to germinate. Germination is the process by which an organism grows from a seed or similar structure. Even after many years, when stored properly, seeds can germinate successfully. For this process to take place, the environmental conditions must first trigger the seed to grow. This is determined by the depth of the seed planted, water and sunlight availability, and temperature. When water is plentiful, the process of imbibition takes place. This then activates special proteins called enzymes, initiating the process of a seed’s growth.

Like the seed, a human’s thoughts are replicated. They will produce and attract what is already harbored within. You can always tell a seed by the fruit that it produces and likewise, you can tell a lot about a person from the words that proceed from their mouth and their day-to-day actions. “Since human beings have the ability to produce within, their thoughts, whether healthy or unhealthy, will not only affect their daily actions but also impact the procreation process of childbirth.”

Let’s take the farmer for example. They play an essential role in the growth and maintenance of humanity and therefore civilization. Once a farmer has tilled the land, they begin to plant seeds. While doing so, the farmer is aware of which seed goes where and therefore knows what type of fruit or vegetable to expect and in what place. If the farmer plants corn, they won’t expect a watermelon, if apple seeds, the farmer won’t hope for oranges, since apples are matched and coded with that of an apple and will not produce anything outside its likeness. In the same way, so are the thoughts of humans. If you think negative thoughts, you will produce negative results, and if you think positive then your results will match that seed of its likeness. Just as seeds travel to spread, so do the seeds of people, through their thoughts, actions, and the words that come out of their mouth. This is why it takes more than just thinking about what you want because before you can get what you want, you have to know what you want.

Thinking is only the process of delivering your thoughts, which can make it slow to appear or never show up because it does not match what you truly want. We produce the vibration of the things we attract around us.

If you want to know the kind of seed one plants, observe the way they live. The inner workings of a person are seen in the outer results. Each and every one of your thoughts, dreams, or visions is created at some point in your life, whether you realized it or not. From the shoes and clothes in your closet to the type of car or house you always wanted, you have contributed to it.

Every thought you hold to be of some importance, be it negative or positive, becomes dear to your heart and thus part of your everyday thought process. The truth of life is like the seed. What we hold within us will be produced by us. For your consciousness is your manufacturer, your domain, and will reproduce itself according to your thoughts.

As water availability is to seeds, you must learn to utilize your resources effectively  

As temperature is to seeds, you must put forth positive energy behind your dreams

As sunlight is to seeds, you must learn to harvest the gifts which have been given to you

If you ever desire to be rich and wealthy, or happy and healthy, always remember that the seed you plant through your thoughts, words, and actions will always reproduce itself.


For whatsoever one soweth, they shall also reap.


The seed is the result of producing its own likeness and is the unequivocal manifestation of all creation.