At the age of nine, there wasn’t much on my mind besides maybe baseball cards, whatever it was I was reading, and whether or not there would be desert for dinner. This is not the case with the talented Mychal-Bella, who by the age nine, can already be described as accomplished. She played Celia in Tyler Perry’s The Have and Have Nots and is now taking on the role of Isabella in Amazon Prime’s new drama/mystery series Hidden Springs, premiering on July 16th. Not to mention, she is now a poster child for the likes of Target, Walmart, and Fabkids, while also modeling for Gap, H&M, Levi Strauss, and so many more! Adding to her acting and modeling career, Mychal-Bella is a burgeoning philanthropist and has collaborated with various non-profits, highlighting issues such as bullying, animal cruelty, and hunger, among others. We were thrilled to find out a little more about who she is, and how she’s so been so successful at such an early age.      

When did you start your journey in the industry and what was your first booking? 

When I was two, for an educational company called Kaplan in my hometown North Carolina and haven’t stopped since.

What is one of your favorite projects?

The Have and Have Nots, as Celia… Mr. Perry is very nice and works fast! 

What do you like most about the industry?

Meeting new friends from different cultures, but most of all getting to dress up/role-playing characters… typical kid stuff. 

What are some of your hobbies?

Swimming, making TikTok videos, sports, and reading. 

Why reading?

Because I get smarter and learn about new things. Also, I’ve been reading since I was 3 …my mom homeschooled me, and I went to a Montessori school. Education is important to me, because I am going to need it in life. 

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I was a pageant girl lol. I like winning, but it built confidence & taught me etiquette. I think that’s why I’m not afraid to get in front of a crowd. I taught me to be fearless. 

If you could give advice to other kids what would you say?

To be confident, don’t give up and don’t let anybody get to your head but be anything you want to be. 

photo by Jenna G Photography

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Questions and images provided by Ereka Scales

Featured Image by Tiffany Rose