Toxicologist Erika Weaver, Ph.D., understands the science of beauty, and when her research revealed the harmful effects of chemicals on the skin and overall health, she decided to create ph 7 Natural Skincare—a skincare brand that is 100 percent natural and toxin free.

“As a toxicologist, I studied and researched the effects of chemicals and how they could affect lifestyles and the environment. My mission is promoting a skincare brand that provides natural, toxin-free products. With my education and passion for beauty, I aim to be an asset for the newly innovative natural, organic beauty industry,” she said.

ph 7 Natural Skincare combines some of nature’s most potent ingredients in an effective 3-step routine to unveil radiant and clear complexions. This step includes:

Step 1: ph7’s Foaming Cleanser combines honeysuckle with rosehip seed and kernel oils to nourish and cleanse skin for a clean and refreshing complexion.

Step 2: For dull and lackluster skin, this toner offers the power of Kombucha tea, aloe vera gel and vitamins to restore and hydrating healthy skin.

Step 3: A moisturizer steeped in almond and coconut oils leaves skin feeling noticeably softer and hydrated after just one use.

Natural oils in this 3-step formula work in tangent to keep skin glowing and looking supple. As the colder climates approach, Weaver says her products are even more essential for skin care routines, as they can provide a natural barrier to the harsh environment, which can strip skin of moisture.

“During the winter season, we experience low temperatures, which reduce moisture from our skin, causing irritation, redness, and dryness. It is essential for our skin to use all natural ingredients including; coconut oil, aloe vera, Vitamin C, E to replenish during these months,” Weaver said.

While PH7 Natural Skincare offers an array of skincare products, what’s arguably most notable, is their efforts to educate audiences on clean and natural skin care products ensuring that each purchase is an informed one.

“It’s important for brands to label their products and packaging accordingly. Clean Beauty applies specifically to skin care products that lack parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oils, phthalates, sulfates SLS and SLES, retinyl palmitate, oxybennecessarliyzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban. However, this does not make the products clean or natural. Clean Beauty is a healthy step towards the reduction of the daily infusion of chemicals into the body, a very promising first step towards a series of standards that needs to be implemented.”

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