The Sistahs in Business Expo; where do we begin!?! — Such an amazing event, hosted Saturday, October 13, 2018, at the Georgia Piedmont Technical College Conference Center; bringing together not only hundreds of women of color in business but the general spirit of culture and family.

Image by Brittany Sheppard

Founder and CEO, Aisha Taylor Issah is brilliant in her creativity and execution of this expo. Besides stopping to grace a few cameras with her illuminating smile, nothing seems to slow down her drive for delivering a quality, authentic and effective exposition, for lady bosses of color. She and her team have been on tour serving women in South Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and most recently Atlanta, at which I had the pleasure of being in attendance! — A medley of business networking, coaching, shopping, sister bonding, and motivational inspiration is what you can expect, attending the Sistahs in Business Expo!

With over 100 vendors and contributors, there’s nothing you won’t come across here. The event was sponsored by Chick Fil A, Southeast Mortgage, Miss Jessie’s Original, Kroger, Jane Carter Solution, Uncle Funky’s Daughter, Coach Kelly J, and Be Super Creative; with additional sponsors for swag bags. We all know women in business love swag bags! — Usually cute little hand-held shopping bags, in this case, sponsored by Miss Jessie’s Original, filled with postcards, small gifts, coupons and product samples from businesses and establishments that are in support of the event. The first 250 women who arrived received these at the #SIBExpo Atlanta on Saturday.

Women and girls of all ages came out on both ends of this expo; team members and attendees. Sisterhood vibes consumed the atmosphere as new bonds were made, products were sold, new plans were discussed, and dreams were born. — Legendary actress, producer, author, and entrepreneur, Kim Fields spoke an amazing speech to women in such a genuine voice of empowerment and endearment. After her keynote appearance, she sold out during an engaging book signing and coffee sale of some of her latest blends. She welcomed fans and supporters to a personal meet and greet, as well as to take pictures and exchange a few words.

Image by Brittany Sheppard

We had the pleasure of sitting down with her afterward, and talked about what it was like along her journey, in reference to having supportive movements such as an expo like this one; and she mentioned that she hadn’t until her more recent works. She expressed her joy over the current growing buzz over motivational and business-oriented women’s conferences, expos and panel-style events, like Sistahs in Business. She was pleased to be a part of this production.

In addition to Kim Fields, the SIBExpo Atlanta presented special guest speakers Miko Branch, Co-Founder and CEO of Miss Jessie’s Original, and award-winning entrepreneur, TV personality and brand consultant, Nicole Walters. The event was hosted by radio personality and entrepreneur Maria More, and Channel 2 Action News reporter Nicole Carr. Throughout the expo, guests were free to shop and explore vendors, while following an agenda highlighting raffling activities and the primary chain of events, as not to miss a thing.

Following the guest speakers, an interactive panel took place, featuring Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon, Kelly Jefferson (Coach Kelly J), Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry and Koereyelle Dubose, moderated by Lakia “LB” Brandenburg. — Attendees were able to ask questions and receive answers from these women in business who had no problem sharing knowledge and wisdom that their individual journeys have taught them. After all, isn’t that what ‘sistahhood’ is all about?

Phenomenally executed, with a mission that simply deserves to be a systematic normality, the Sistahs in Business Expo Atlanta was a smash hit! We especially love the accommodations Sistahs in Business makes for single mothers and mothers in general, by opening their doors to children and being a family-friendly event. — We look forward to more of what this epic platform has to offer, and the impact it continues to have on the women of color and business communities alike.

Featured Image by Brittany Sheppard