Announcing The Southern Crescent’s First Funding Pitch Winner, Cher’Don Reynolds of She Prints It, LLC!! With a total valuation of $35,000 from combined partnerships inclusive of a business & financial coach, this woman-owned business is on a continued trajectory for success!

About Cher’Don

Raised of humbled beginnings as a Chicago native, (Cabrini Green housing projects), Cher’Don Reynolds does not believe that quality education is the only key to success. She mirrors where she came from as she provides hope, purpose, belief in others, and the ability to be transparent.

After divorcing Corporate America in 2016, and deciding to become what she needed growing up, Mrs. Reynolds began changing the hearts of women in an extraordinaire way; by devoting her life to working in the profit sector; promoting women empowerment, community organization, and budget branding. She’s instrumental in bringing awareness to powerful causes. Her brand creates space that allows women to see themselves up close and personal bringing forth their gifts, crafts, and talents. She teaches women how to both utilize and monetize their gifts. She works diligently to build her companies with the dream of creating job opportunities and allowing women to see themselves in executive positions all while repositioning the mindset of others. This is the cornerstone of her mission.

Working to become a household name, Mrs. Cher’Don Reynolds has successful been sought after for Motivational speaking and brand consulting. She is the founder of SHE WEAR CLUB, a apparel line that celebrates women and people of color and the SheEO of SHE PRINTS IT LLC., The T-Shirt Company; where her core business focuses on bulk apparel printing,
graphic design, E-store hosting and brand consulting. SPI specializes in silkscreen, heat transfer, and embroidery ergo; “SHE.” She Prints It is committed to high quality products in addition to easy, fast, and reliable service.

Closer to heart and home, Mrs. Reynolds is the delighted mother of two children, and wife to husband, of whom she is most proud. Cher’Don Reynolds strongly believes in the work she does to better the world that she will one day leave to her progeny. She continues to inspire others with the belief that we can all win. She truly lives by her creed that “There’s room at the top for everyone, let’s fill it up!”

You may reach Cher’Don by visiting or by contacting her through email or phone, 844-777-5900 and

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