I was headed home to Detroit for the holidays and posted a Facebook message inquiring suggestions on top stylists in the city.

This name came to me on four different occasions, Marv Neal.

Marv Neal has Detroit on lock down, establishing himself and his creative work in fashion for more than 10 years as a personal and editorial stylist. His work can be seen in clients that include; Ambassador Magazine, The Fisher Theater, Delicious (Reality star), Feroce Magazine, TwelveTen Magazine, Rebel Girl and Same Girl Different Hair.

“I don’t look like the average stylist. I’m a Detroit guy all the way through. I’m a man, I’m straight and I’m a big dude. When I walk in, people pay attention.”

“I have a strong eye for what works on a body and what doesn’t work. I’ve been grinding in Detroit, working security at the Versace store to pulling clothes for shoppers to collaborating with magazine creative directors. Today, I styled four wives for their husbands. It’s just something that I was born to do.”

Born and raised in Detroit and a huge fan of 90s Hip Hop, Marv initially thought he had to move to New York or Los Angeles to pursue his passion for fashion. Then, he got an opportunity to work with photographer Ebony Rollins (Southfield, Michigan-based Fashion Marketing Firm) and a group of designers on photoshoots to hone his craft.

Marv got his big break when given the chance to style Toni Braxton in 2013 for the Chene Park performance.

Now, people call Marv; from high end magazines, to storefronts and designer launch advertisements are just a few projects he’s tackled in his career. He’s out to change the perception of how Detroit is viewed in the fashion world.

“They look at Detroit as weak. They say mid-westerners are country or that we don’t know high fashion or are behind; that is until they meet certain people, I’m that shocker; the ride or die.”


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Photos by @mizkarona aka Triggerfinger